Home of the Great Pumpkin Quilt

Home of the Great Pumpkin Quilt
The Great Pumpkin Quilt

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some of our other designs...

Winter Woolyland Retail $30.00

                Angel Kisses   $10.00 retail                                       
Harvest Tree Quilt $9.00 retail
Baskets of Autumn $9.00 retail
Hearts Come Home $9.00 retail
Patriotic Potpourri $18.00 retail
Rudolph Pillow $8.00 retail
Signs of Autumn $9.00 retail
Holiday Tree $9.00 retail
                                                               Fall Elegance $8.00 retail                                
Flakey Friends $15.00 retail                                                        Inky Dinky Do..$9.00 retail
                               Train Ride $9.00 retail                                         
Plentiful Harvest (wool penny rug) $9.00 retail
Harvest Prayer $8.00 retail

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